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Rosa on ihan kelpo piirtäjä, muttei paras. Tyylissä ei ole mitään moittimista, muttei mitään aivan häikäisevän hyvääkään. Ite antasin arvosanaksi 9- tai 8½


Kuinkahan monta Don Rosa topiccia tälläkin sivulla on...

- Tarinoissa on enemmän asennetta ja vaihtelua kuin muilla

- Ilmeikkäät hahmot

- Hyvin paljon yksityiskohtia ja piilotettuja vitsejä

- No huumori ylipäänsä

- Esitellyt Roopen vanhemmat ja sisaret (ei pelkästään niitä loputtomia isoisoisoisosetiä niinkuin muiden sarjoissa.

- Roopen menneisyys on kuvattu loistavasti, eikä kukaan enää ikinä pysty tekemään lähellekään niin loistavaa tarina kokonaisuutta Roopesta. No, tämän parempaa sarjaa ei tulla enää Disney yhtiöltä näkemään

Valitettavasti hänen näkönsä on huonontunut niin, että hänen piti jäädä eläkkeelle.

Hän ei ole uusia tarinoita tehnyt kahteen vuoteen. Syyt näet tästä ellet jo tiennyt.

I was at KOMIKS too and watched that interview. Don Rosa came up with several reasons why he has stopped doing new stories:


His vision has became worse and worse the last 5-10 years. Thus it has become more and more demanding for him to draw such tiny and detailed art as seen in his stories. I have met him several times since 2001, but this last time is the only time that his vision-trouble has been obvious.


When he sold a part of his comics collection a few years ago, he ended up earning more money in 6 months than he earned during 6 years doing stories for Egmont. The last few years he has also learned that his stories are now being republished over and over again making more profit for the publishers.


Finally, he has had enough of the way many publishers treats him. In the interview he in particular mentioned the publishers in Brazil and Greece, where (according to him) they keeps using his name in order in to increase the sales of their products. Also some non-Egmont publishers are translating all extra-material written by him for the Hall of Fame books, even though the texts, the illustrations from The Pertwillaby Papers and Don's childhood material is © Don Rosa *not* © Disney Co. These publishers are actually treating his bonus-material as if it was Disney's material like his stories.

For the most recent Rosa-book in the Hall of Fame series (book 6) Don Rosa specially asked Egmont to include a © Don Rosa in start of the book. This line however only appeared in the Norwegian edition. It is missing in both the Danish and the Swedish editions. During the KOMIKS both the Danes and the Swedes made it very clear though, that they would never have removed that line of text by them selves. So somehow the central editorial office for the HOF series, in Norway seems to have forgotten to distribute that information to the other publishers.

Don Rosa is also disappointed that so far, the extra art he has made for the multi-part versions of his long stories, have not been included in the HOF series. Egmont claims that the readers don't want it, but it seems that Rosa has got another impression about that matter, and as always he is the one who ends up being asked by many fans about why that art is missing in the HOF-series, etc. Anyway he thinks that that art should have been included in order to provide a complete presentation of his work - as was originally said to be the intention of the Rosa-books in the HOF-series.

When asked he said he expects that the extra art will be included in Gemstone's "Don Rosa Library". He was actually much more worried about weather Gemstone would manage to stay in business in the future.

So, shortly said, besides having experienced increasing problems with his vision, Don Rosa has lost the inspiration needed to do more stories.